The most exciting material that is bringing CES products to life is?



John Licata, Chief Energy Strategist of independent energy research firm Blue Phoenix Inc, sits down with BNN live from the NASDAQ Marketsite to discuss his thoughts on uranium and the next generation material that could revolutionize consumer electronics and future energy categories. Click here for complete podcast.



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Message for John Licata, Chief Energy Strategist

I just read your article about Russia and uranium deliveries to the U. S.

A website you might use for reference is

In particular, you don’t see the implications of the Obama administration not financially supporting USEC , ticker symbol USU. USEC is necessary unless we want to be at the mercy of foreign suppliers for enriched uranium, or we abandon nuclear power generation to satisfy Obama’s Rule.


Hi Roy,

Actually I very much see the implications for not funding USEC and that would only accelerate my existing bullish case for uranium. I don’t think that would be the case but I would not look to invest in any company on the expectations or hopes of funding.


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