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Please join the New York Association for Energy Economics when we welcome John Licata to our monthly NYAEE Luncheon on Thursday, May 23rd, 2013.

As the planning and rebuilding continues post Sandy, John will argue it is important to consider the way New York must look at advanced energy. There is an economic disruption coming to the future of energy right here in New York. With the 2013 Hurricane Season quickly approaching, he believes it is important to consider perhaps some new areas of focus which could severely alter our energy landscape in the Empire State in years to come. This talk will focus on how cybersecurity, water preservation, cogen plants and the growing potential use for natural gas will collectively redefine energy economics in New York. To learn more about this event please tap image.


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John Licata’s insight on some of the emerging issues for energy supply brought an additional dimension to our panel discussion on the future of energy.
Dr. Jonathan Cobb, World Nuclear Association

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