Energy companies need to take a page from Peyton Manning’s playbook


Peyton Manning, quarterback of the Denver Broncos, is now one of the elder statesman of the National Football League (NFL) at 37 years old, but you wouldn’t know that by his amazing performance last night versus the defending Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens. Manning’s herculean performance, including a whopping seven touchdown passes, is a testament that efficiency can yield big results and better output.

The whole idea of being better prepared, playing up to your strengths and getting results done by being more calculated and efficient should be something every energy company strives for. In fact, Energy Secretary Ernie Moniz has been publicly championing the need for more energy efficiency. This notion of maximizing resources and doing more with less materials must be reflected prominently in the energy space which in its own right is led by older sources of fuel such as crude oil, natural gas and coal. The energy sector must learn how to show laser-like precision in its execution, something Manning has mastered, and find ways to advance energy without straining our water supply or relying on ways of old. Manning haw shown in his opening game of the 2013-2014 NFL season, that slight adjustments can pay off big. So a willingness to embrace change is something energy companies must not fumble.

The true Hall of Fame may not be in Canton, Ohio or even remotely come from the game of football. Rather, the real grace of the gridiron may come from an Energy Superbowl energy companies should be hoping to win. The battle of carbon reduction and global sustainability is the new touchdown pass energy companies need to pass and help consumers catch. Payton Manning has done his part to show that the hard work and dedication can pay off. Now energy companies need to march up the field and show they can take us all to a cleaner promised land.


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