Guest Blog (Renewables+1: Divesting from fossil fuels could boost focus on clean, reliable baseload power)

Divestment. This is a word seeing increased attention on several noteworthy university campuses across the U.S., as a growing number of students, faculty, and administrators push to divest university endowments from the fossil fuel industry. A more sustainable energy future is paramount for the health and prosperity of our future generations. However, without redeploying investments into innovative clean energy sources, divesting capital from the fossil fuels sector will be incomplete – and ultimately a failure.

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Utilities Need to Prepare for Possible Tsunami of Big Data

Connecting with the consumer. Four little words that mean so much today for utilities preparing for the future and the inevitable disruptions being driven by innovative software solutions. Yet, the critical issue is figuring out the best way to connect, engage, retain and benefit from interactions with consumers in order to improve reliability for utilities, lower prices for consumers and boost overall energy efficiency by ultimately making sense of a tsunami of big data. This data unearthed behind the paywall can lead to voluntary reductions in peak energy usage, automation of commercial and residential power consumption and a greater emphasis on wireless applications that must be easy for end users to navigate and understand. 

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Renewables+1: Why the President Should Support All Carbon-Free Energy Production

  New 2025 U.S. CO2 emissions targets are lofty. Should nuclear energy play a bigger role? @Energy_Fuels CEO discusses — John Licata (@bluephoenixinc) April 2, 2015

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3D Printing May Utterly Change Solar Panel Technology

The sun is a gargantuan, constant, free source of clean energy and in the era of climate disruption caused by greenhouse gas emissions, the sun’s energy promise is glowingly exciting.

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NRG Energy’s Ability to Embrace Change, Technology Places It at the Forefront of Its Industry

Today’s utility industry is challenged by technology that can lead to more efficient, resilient delivery of electric power. The utilities that will succeed will embrace and facilitate change. NRG Energy (NRG) epitomizes the modern energy distribution company.

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John Licata’s insight on some of the emerging issues for energy supply brought an additional dimension to our panel discussion on the future of energy.
Dr. Jonathan Cobb, World Nuclear Association