The Real Reason Saudis May Be Comfortable With Lower Oil Prices

In the face of the striking weakness in global oil prices, Saudi Arabia has further challenged markets by seeming uncharacteristically comfortable with the lower prices, refusing to vote with OPEC to cut production. Many have been seeing the Saudi’s willingness to let oil prices drop as a retribution against the U.S.’s unrestrained oil boom. Others suspect a U.S.-Saudi conspiracy again Russia.

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Will “green” crude be new focus for this refiner?

Last night I spoke about the outlook for oil prices in an interview for CNBC World. The tail end of that segment, which can be seen here, was unfortunately cut short because of Tesla’s “D” announcement. What viewers weren’t able to hear was what I told the CNBC anchors afterward.

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Graphene’s potential opens door to increased collaboration

Evaluating the potential for graphene in advanced manufacturing recently led Stony Brook University’s Advanced Sensor Technology Center (“Sensor CAT”) to test performance and quality control parameters of 3D printer filaments provided by Graphene 3D. Yet the use for graphene has opportunities in the energy world that shouldn’t be ignored.  

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Whoa! Is Tesla moving to a dealership model? (Update)

Nearly two years ago to the day I was thrilled to be going to the opening of Tesla’s ($TSLA) new retail store in the high-end Roosevelt Field Mall in Garden City, Long Island. I even posted this short video clip from the grand opening weekend. So you could imagine my surprise when I received a comment on my YouTube video feed that the store has closed down. Closed down? What happened? 

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Is China about to stall U.S. clean energy progress?

Let me start by saying a cold 2014-2015 winter season will likely fuel demand for natural gas and heating oil which has me thinking any move below $90pbl by WTI oil will likely be short-lived. Additionally, it is great to see gasoline prices at 4-year lows but if the USD gives up some of its recent gains, shorts will scramble to buy gasoline again. That will drive WTI oil prices higher since oil is priced in dollars. But the story doesn’t end there.

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John Licata’s insight on some of the emerging issues for energy supply brought an additional dimension to our panel discussion on the future of energy.
Dr. Jonathan Cobb, World Nuclear Association