3D Printing May Utterly Change Solar Panel Technology

The sun is a gargantuan, constant, free source of clean energy and in the era of climate disruption caused by greenhouse gas emissions, the sun’s energy promise is glowingly exciting.

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NRG Energy’s Ability to Embrace Change, Technology Places It at the Forefront of Its Industry

Today’s utility industry is challenged by technology that can lead to more efficient, resilient delivery of electric power. The utilities that will succeed will embrace and facilitate change. NRG Energy (NRG) epitomizes the modern energy distribution company.

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Utility Companies Need To Play This Game

Today’s utility industry is challenged by the very tecnology that can lead to more efficient and resilient delivery of electric power.

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Energy Innovation Must Trump Complacency

U.S. energy prices have been under considerable pressure in recent months. However, innovation must trump complacency when it comes to the future of energy. That means the role of technology in our energy landscape has never been greater. Thus, new, unique opportunities for advanced research, cross-sector partnerships and bold moon shots are absolutely critical in order to seed a more sustainable and truly resilient energy future, one that can also withstand power disruptions which may or may not be caused by weather (think cyberhacking of energy infrastructure). 

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How Mexico, Not Saudi Arabia, Could Drive Oil Prices Higher

With prices of crude oil at fresh five-year lows, investors are wondering when Saudi Arabia might finally cry uncle, cut oil production and reverse the dramatic slide in oil prices. Yet Mexico, a non-OPEC country and third largest exporter of oil to the U.S. behind Canada and the Saudi Arabia, could have nearly as much near-term influence on oil prices as Saudi Arabia if they cut their own production.

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John Licata’s insight on some of the emerging issues for energy supply brought an additional dimension to our panel discussion on the future of energy.
Dr. Jonathan Cobb, World Nuclear Association