Exxon Shareholders Should Say “Nyet”

In a recent Reuters article titled “Russia’s Putin not blinking in last chance saloon”, author Timothy Heritage says Russian President Vladimir Putin “seems more intent on bluffing his way through than on trying to use this pivotal moment to emerge as a peacemaker by ending a conflict that has caused the worst tensions with the West since the Cold War.” I agree with Heritage’s view as a result further believe shareholders of ExxonMobil (XOM) should be questioning the oil behemoth’s presence in Russia. 

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Obama’s Nod for Deputy Energy Sec. Positive for Nuclear

The nuclear sector stands a bit taller on the heels of President Obama nominating Elizabethan Sherwood-Randall, the National Security Council’s top nuclear proliferation and defense policy official, to be deputy secretary of energy. For a nuclear sector that has been severely kicked to the curb post Fukushima with spot uranium prices at $28.25 per pound or 60% below levels seen in early 2011, investors in uranium may be relieved that Obama is replacing one nuclear expert in Daniel Poneman, who is stepping down after five years, with another prominent nuclear figure in Sherwood-Randall.  

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Our Reuters Op-Ed: Want energy independence? Keep the nuclear option and limit exports

Whether or not you follow the energy markets, it’s very likely you’ve heard the phrase “U.S. energy independence” at one time or another in recent years. Yet the very notion that the United States can be completely self-sufficient when it comes to supplying our domestic need for energy consumption is seriously flawed for a number of reasons ranging from population growth, pure economics, a lack of public policy and a dated permitting process vital to commercialize new energy projects. Collectively, this should have Americans questioning whether U.S. power production can be enough to completely eliminate the need for foreign energy sources.

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Home Rule Authority May Derail U.S. Fracking Plans

Legendary crooner/actor Frank Sinatra famously sang the immortal line “It’s up to you, New York, New York”. For those who are opposed to hydraulic fracturing or “fracking”, those lyrics are music to their ears on the heels of a favorable court ruling which may further prompt even more people in the state of New York to stand up against the controversial drilling practice.

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Russian Programmers Look to Control-Alt-Delete U.S. Energy

There are fresh reports that Russian hackers are targeting Western oil and gas companies through a highly sophisticated cyber operation called “Energetic Bear”. The latest cyberwars coming out of Russia’s should prompt the North American Electric Reliability Corp. (NERC) and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to strengthen and enforce security standards surrounding critical energy assets. This presents new momentum opportunities for investors.

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