Embrace Big: Our Energy Future Should Be Bold

John Licata of Blue Phoenix discusses ways our energy future needs to think beyond the traditional ways of advancement. Rather, the advancement needs a moonshot of innovation we should aspire to be a part of to really combat global warming. Follow this topic on Twitter via the Hashtag #EmbraceBig.

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IEA cuts demand, but for the wrong reasons

WTI crude oil has been in collapse mode in recent months, but can prices fall even further from 17-month lows? I believe the answer is yes and I’ll get to that in a micro-minute. First, I must say I’m bothered by the International Energy Agency (IEA) calling the slowdown in oil demand growth “nothing short of remarkable”. This is true but it’s also not a new idea that dropped from an apple tree and suddenly hit the  IEA in the head. At least the notion by the IEA shouldn’t be seen as breaking news.

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Video: Could Tesla, Russia and the microgrid fuel this supermaterial?

Vanadium has been talked about as a supermaterial in the past yet it seems the conversation actually now has some legs considering recent events. Over the past week, major U.S. power producer Exelon ($EXC) formed a strategic relationship with Bloom Energy to boost the reliability in the distributed energy markets the company serves. With reliability increasingly becoming the battle cry for utilities players, this first of its kind alliance is a major blessing for energy storage solutions and that has me excited about the prospects for vanadium more than ever. 

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Toledo water crisis is bad. Is your city next?

Gripping headlines in recent days that 400,000 people don’t have access to clean water in Toledo, Ohio became national news. I know we often hear a lot of third world countries having inadequate drinking and bathing water, yet the issue of water shortages are increasingly affecting more and more Americans. Exceptional droughts in California, extreme water shortages in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, Colorado and Oklahoma, as well as abnormally dry conditions in areas of Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, Virginia, New York and even Connecticut are collectively highlighting a growing problem here at home that should only make water preservation an issue of national priority.

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Why Tesla Topping 35,000 Car Sales in 2014 is Irrelevant

Before I get an inbox full of hate mail, let me say that I really do like Tesla Motors ($TSLA) and applaud Elon Musk’s efforts to revolutionize the auto industry and the way vehicles are ultimately sold and driven. With that said, I’m also a Strategist who has some concerns for the company, especially with a bold $28 billion market cap in a rocky stock market that may see higher interest rates sooner than later if Dallas Fed President Richard Fisher has his way. 

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John Licata’s insight on some of the emerging issues for energy supply brought an additional dimension to our panel discussion on the future of energy.
Dr. Jonathan Cobb, World Nuclear Association