2016 must be a creative time for utilities to tackle branding challenges

The role of the modern utility is changing more quickly than ever before. Thus, the global movement to embrace new advanced energy innovation will only grow post the historic COP21 summit in Paris. 

Consumers are increasingly hearing about climate change and new ways to boost their energy efficiency through amazing new emerging areas such as community solar, electric vehicles, energy intelligence, distributed grids and battery storage. Yet despite advances in innovation, clarity is sorely needed. Saying they will be good corporate citizens is no longer acceptable to consumers who want, no, demand, real action from their energy providers.  

This makes 2016, the Chinese zodiac year of the monkey, a creative time for utilities to tackle branding challenges and create quality published content. Monkeys are curious and intelligent, so this period is one where content marketing can really drive awareness, as well as make or break energy companies looking to showcase new products, boost knowledge and cultivate a new generation of customers led by millennials. 

Delivering engaging, interactive content marketing will be a new journey today’s energy companies must include in any public outreach or business strategy goals for the New Year.
— John Licata, CEO of Blue Phoenix Inc.

Consumers have energy supply choices as mentioned above. Additionally, the Internet of Things (IoT) will witness warp speed growth in the next fours years (50 billion objects according to Cisco Systems). Therefore, the connected home and wearables will fuel new market verticals modern energy companies simply can’t afford to ignore - and content marketing can help. 

The personalization of energy is here and the way companies brand themselves and interact with their customers must now reflect that. 

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Mark Sebastian