9 Quick Thoughts on Blockchain

Blockchain is a hot topic these days, and rightly so due to its vast potential in helping to shape news ways to transparently perform real-time transactions and evolve the future of secure global business. With such a lighting in a bottle type of disruption at our fingertips, the internet as we now know it is about to look like black and white televisions. Here are some quick thoughts on blockchain I put together and wanted to share with you. 

  • The beauty of #blockchain technology = that feeling when you walk into an airport and know you could really go anywhere. #innovation
  • Don't think of #blockchain as unlocking encryption, think of it as unlocking opportunity. #innovation
  • Change is good but disruption can be awesome. #blockchain #innovation
  • Disruption being led by blockchain advancements will open the door to new industrial growth/jobs. #blockchain
  • Post the recent tragic earthquakes seen in Italy, I can't help but wonder how predictive #blockchain capabilities could help diminish affects of natural disasters.
  • Innovation leads disruption. Disruption leads to more innovation. #blockchain
  • Blockchain platforms will not only support the Internet of Things (IoT), they will drive it. #innovation #future
  • Layoffs are the worst part of early innovation, but that same innovation will create unprecedented job creation. #cloudcomputing #blockchain
  • Open-source platforms will drive the Internet of Things (IoT) and cities of the future. #innovation #blockchain

Blockchain technology is certainly an amazing open-sourced subject that is increasingly gaining global interest. Have your own thoughts on blockchain? Let us know, we'd love to hear your ideas and keep this conversation going.