Augmented Reality Needs This To Hit Mainstream

We are really excited to highlight a hot new Augmented Reality (AR) Infrastructure Concept from our partner MIMIR Blockchain Solutions. While to some folks the cool factor about AR is the end products, its the secure blockchain based infrastructure that will enable AR to be built and really hit the mainstream - that's the mission of MIMIR. Check out this video from the company. 

According to MIMIR: "The blockchain can never be invisible if it is highly technical to utilize. Many companies have tackled the problem of creating user interfaces that ease this friction, but those interfaces still necessitate significant prerequisite knowledge. In order to solve this problem, a bridge must be built between the highly technical world of blockchains and the everyday user. This bridge is what we are building."

To learn more about MIMIR please check out their Luc1D white paper: Digital Air Rights and Decentralized Applications In An Augmented World. You can now also follow MIMIR Blockchain Solutions via Twitter @MimirBlockchain.