The personalization of energy is here

Energy innovation is creating new opportunities for start-ups. In this video below, John Licata of Blue Phoenix shares his views on how software can be a real game-changer for the future of energy. John also gives his insights into new progress being made at Tendril, a client of Blue Phoenix. 

The personalization of energy is here folks, especially with the growth of the internet of things. Customer centricity is driving energy efficiency and integration across sectors. There has to be increased motivation to engage the consumer. This is why Tendril, a partner of SunPower (SPWR) is so exciting.

There is a new face in energy - in fact, it is our view at Blue Phoenix the next Facebook or Twitter will come from the energy world with more focus than ever on smart cities for the future, electric vehicles, connected homes, batteries and the internet of things. From the SWSW event to the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, its clear that autonomous vehicles and connected homes are hot topics with staying power. 

Furthermore, consumer engagement works in world more focused on energy efficiency, grid reliability and lower carbon. Duke Energy (DUK) recently announced over 1 Terawatt hour in energy savings (a record) from demand response via energy management platforms like those provided by Tendril (here is the press release). Additionally, Tendril just announced this week energy insights vertical expansion solutions designed for: 1) Electric and gas utilities, and retail energy providers 2) Distributed energy resource providers, such as rooftop solar companies and 3) Real estate brokerages and search sites.

The expansion by Tendril leverages the unique data insights they can uncover. This allows the company to build off their strength in the utility space at a time when so much cross-sector convergence is taking place and residential energy insights are becoming more and more valuable.