Executive Branding & Thought Leadership

Conversation is happening around the world 24/7. Blue Phoenix knows how to keep your content narrative personal, honest and fresh so your company gets attention for all the right reasons. 

Developing a consistent, simplified corporate message must also remain authentic to the very core to create quality published content, born from internal stakeholders. Tapping your own knowledge, Blue Phoenix can generate this content for both earned and owned media. 

A business may have a great service, product or idea, yet without a strong branding effort built from the subject matter expertise of internal thought leadership, your business could now face new challenges to enhance visibility needed to make more personal connections with customers. Thus, by working with Blue Phoenix, remaining competitive and positioning for growth become a natural extension of your voice and identity.

Our relationships with online publications such as CNBC, The Denver Post, USA Today, TheStreet and Reuters are just some resources in our arsenal we can tap to support our executive branding offering.

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Scalable Content Marketing

Perception is everything. Therefore being able to influence public opinion, shape complex subject matter and help change the way people act and think requires multichannel touch-points and smart, personal content strategies.

Blue Phoenix understands there is a historic technological transformation happening within the energy sector and clarity is sorely needed. By tapping our deep roots in energy research, we can uniquely leverage your own expertise and knowledge and help you creately tell your stories and differentiate your brand. Here are several examples of our project work in this area.

  • Helped educate about the future of energy and transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources (Fred Alger Management).
  • Led "Renewables+1" campaign to highlight the benefits of nuclear power as critical energy resource needed to boost energy independence and combat climate change (Energy Fuels).
  • Drove the conversation how innovation and efficiency can help global communities mitigate risks associated with cybersecurity and Frankenstorms (John Wiley & Sons).




Blue Phoenix is laser focused on the future of energy. We provide strategic insights, including tactical, “actionable” market strategies to optimize decision-making and maximize growth potential. Our background in Wall St. research and strategic consulting allows us to keep our clients informed about the latest emerging technologies, assess key market and regulatory developments and position for what comes next.

Blue Phoenix can serve as an authoritative energy subject matter expert (SME) with a deep focus on bridging the gap between the traditional oil and gas sector, utilities and emerging areas such as smart cities, cybersecurity, advanced batteries and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

As a champion for change, we create innovation scans to anticipate customer’s needs, vet new business development opportunities, evaluate competitive landscape and identify new avenues for joint venture collaboration and M&A.