Digital Innovation Education, Storytelling & Content

Innovation is disrupting many industries - both horizontally and vertically. The unbridled acceleration of integration between tech with energy, autos and industrials has never been seen before, and consumers need clarity. Imagine telling your grandmother how a virtual assistant can help her get through the day better or explaining to your parents that the car of the future can drive itself or educating a non-techie on how blockchain will change the way many industries outside of finance will operate or how assets will be securely transferred in real-time, anywhere. It's definitely not an easy task that's for sure. Therefore companies should change the way they communicate with their intended audience. Instead of simply talking about your company's latest product and where to buy it, the conversation around innovation needs to change. Make sure you educate your audience and, wherever possible, explain the societal benefits of your innovation (whether its ease, efficiency, environmental or economically driven).

Let's face it, perception is everything, especially amongst brand agnostic millennials and Generation Z. This means your content can't be stagnant and it needs to translate well across all digital marketing channels. To do so you must bring unique insights to the conversation, say something that hasn't been regurgitated ad nauseam. Therefore being able to influence public opinion, shape complex subject matter and help change the way consumers and influencers think about your brand and new technologies requires leading insights, multichannel touch-points and smart, personal content strategies. 

Blue Phoenix understands there is a historic technological transformation led by digital innovation and clarity is sorely needed. By tapping our deep roots in research, we can help you creatively educate, lead mainstream thinking, and keep your content current by crafting your stories about blockchain and energy in ways your intended audience can actually understand

    We are often sought out by prospective clients for our insights into what comes next as it relates to digital innovation driving advanced energy, blockchain, IoT and the connected car. This has directly led us to be tapped for brand advocacy by companies of all shapes and sizes to support new emerging technologies.

    Strategic Consulting & Public Speaking 

    We also provide strategic insights, including tactical, “actionable” market strategies to optimize decision-making and maximize growth potential. Our background in Wall St. research and strategic consulting allows us to keep you educated and informed about the latest emerging technologies, regulatory developments and how best to position for what comes next.

    Led by John Licata, an avid public speaker who has been regularly seen on CNBC for north of 15 years, Blue Phoenix can also serve as a panelist, Keynote Speaker or authoritative subject matter expert (SME) with a deep focus on bridging the gap between traditional business and industries with the opportunities and challenges stemming from the digital innovation reshaping energy, autos and a more connected society. 

    Scalable Content Examples

    The next major power outage may or may not come from weather. Digital innovation could make the power grid very vulnerable to cyberterrorism. This makes the case for blockchain critical when planning the development of critical new infrastructure for energy, autos and the Internet of Things (IoT).