Today's innovation is complex, very complex in fact. So in an increasingly connected and sharing society, companies may need to get a competitive edge by making sure they are telling the right story to their intended audiences. With that said, sometimes it makes more sense to have the right story, messaging and overall brand advocacy come from outside your own corridors. That's where we come in. Blue Phoenix is a recognized authority on digital innovation. We are independent, very nimble and have a high rate of success in working with clients to generate both real-time and forward-looking digital thought leadership content in emerging verticals focused on efficiency and sustainability, such as blockchain, IoT and the connected car.

Credibility. Blue Phoenix has been recognized by the financial media as a thought leader when it comes to emerging technologies since 2005. This is important when it comes to developing unique content that can be created in ways which also resonate with the general public, not just engineers (not that there is anything wrong with engineers - we love them). 

We don't just talk about the latest technologies. We often seek out the latest and most effective ways to tap technology whenever possible for our clients - not just to show off our inner-geek, but to help target the right audience and save you time and money beginning day one when you work with Blue Phoenix. 


Our Hashtag "#Renewables+1" Digital Campaign Garnered over One Million Page-views.

Creative lead for NYSE listed Energy Fuels (UUUU) for eight years through branding across traditional and digital media.

Developed strategic insights into self-driving cars and the use of blockchain, digital twin technology and AI for Toyota’s 2017 Global Mobility 2030 project.

Acted as Content lead for LO3 Energy, named to Fast Company’s 2017 list of the most innovative companies (using blockchain to improve energy efficiency and peer-to-peer energy markets).

Authored ghost-written Op-Eds which have been featured in USA Today, The Hill, The Boston Globe, The Denver Post, TheStreet, CNBC and Reuters. 

Featured Panelist at the World Nuclear Association Symposium, Stony Brook University, New York Energy Week, Queens Chamber of Commerce, Saint Peter’s University, and The New York Association for Energy Economics. 

Named to Yahoo Finance’s 2014 All-Star Contributor List for leading insights on advanced innovation. 

Author of “Lessons from Frankenstorm: Investing for Future Power Disruptions” published by Wiley (2013).

Keynote Speaker at The United Nations Rio+20 Forum on Electric Vehicles held in Brazil in 2012.