Evolution should trump revolution when it comes to energy

The manufacturing sector stands to seriously benefit by the new evolution disrupting the energy sector. From sensors, virtual reality, robotics and artificial intellignece, the need to embrace new ideas has never been more important. That means the manufacturing of new products pushing forward the future of energy is a critical process that deserves more attention.    

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Our Energy Solutions Must Include Moonshots

John Licata of Blue Phoenix discusses ways our energy future needs to think beyond the traditional ways of advancement. Rather, the advancement needs a moonshot of innovation we should aspire to be a part of to really combat global warming. This moonshot includes sensors, robotics and artificial intelligence.

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5 reasons why short sellers may soon cover oil positions

Last night I appeared on CNBC World to discuss the recent slide in crude oil prices and what may come next (Here is the video clip). Priced at $50 per barrel, oil still may have some downside risk. Despite some calls for oil prices to drop significantly lower, here are 5 reasons why short sellers may soon begin to cover positions.

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Cybersecurity: NYSE Halt Reminds Us Just How Vulnerable Our Power Grid Is

  Today there is much focus on the NYSE being halted, we should be more prepared if our energy grid was halted #cybersecurity — John Licata (@bluephoenixinc) July 8, 2015 What’s the impact/consequence from an energy related hacking incidence? Blackouts. The U.S. blackout in 2003 stands as an example of such an event, where a previously unknown software bug and failure to trim away foliage from transmission lines put 50 million people in the dark from Ohio to Ontario. The event cause the loss of over a billion dollars due to the blackout which was the second largest blackout in history after one in 1999 in Brazil. Another example was the Stuxnet worm that took down Iranian nuclear centrifuges used to purify uranium. More recently an attack called “UglyGorilla” caused a Chinese hacker to infiltrate computers of a US utility company. So if nothing else, the halting of today’s trading on the NYSE for 3. 5 hours, something that may or may not be related to hacking,  should only further illustrate how advances in digital technologies can and do have consequences. As the energy industry further looks to storing data in the cloud and increasing the use of sensors and […]

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It’s time we take the proverbial mask off the nuclear sector

“The discovery of nuclear reactions need not bring about the destruction of mankind any more than the discovery of matches” ~Albert Einstein, Nobel Prize Physicist Most individuals outside the world of science and engineering are hell bent on scrutinizing the nuclear industry for what they understand is an industry that is anything but safe. Who could blame them? Since the Chernobyl, Three Mile Island and Fukushima nuclear disasters, the media has done a great job (maybe justifiable at times) of portraying nuclear reactors as a Darth Vader-like character invading an Elmo themed 1st birthday party. With that kind of vision no wonder so many are turned off or unsure by “nuclear”, a word that if you alter the placement of the very first two letters actually spells U-N-C-L-E-A-R. 

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