"Innovation is disrupting the energy sector like never before. Shouldn't your content marketing strategy change with it?" 

Blue Phoenix is independent, very nimble and has a high rate of success in generating forward-looking digital content in niche, emerging energy verticals. 

One thing’s for sure - Clarity is certainly needed if we expect millennials and Generation Z to better understand and ultimately adopt these new transformative energy technologies and efficiency solutions in a more sharing economy.  

Blue Phoenix humanizes energy innovation and fuels content marketing from all angles to drive business growth using the latest digital technologies and amazing original storytelling. We leverage years of primary research studies to help our clients better engage with customers and overcome the toughest energy marketing challenges, including the 3P's (Perception, Penetration and Public Awareness).

Blue Phoenix has a proven model for success in strategically developing content marketing that authentically connects with a younger audience. We represent leading energy companies, universities and start-up players currently shaping the advancement of the smart grid, the internet of things (IoT), electric vehicles and the cities of the future. 

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