It’s time we take the proverbial mask off the nuclear sector

“The discovery of nuclear reactions need not bring about the destruction of mankind any more than the discovery of matches” ~Albert Einstein, Nobel Prize Physicist Most individuals outside the world of science and engineering are hell bent on scrutinizing the nuclear industry for what they understand is an industry that is anything but safe. Who could blame them? Since the Chernobyl, Three Mile Island and Fukushima nuclear disasters, the media has done a great job (maybe justifiable at times) of portraying nuclear reactors as a Darth Vader-like character invading an Elmo themed 1st birthday party. With that kind of vision no wonder so many are turned off or unsure by “nuclear”, a word that if you alter the placement of the very first two letters actually spells U-N-C-L-E-A-R. 

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Innovation Must Trump Complacency – Meet Sidewalk Labs

Google continues to tackle some of the world’s greatest issues with moonshot thinking and actions that certainly speak louder than words. For that they should be applauded. Moonshots can redefine our energy landscape and here is the latest example of that greater willingness to embrace new ideas. 

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3 Tech Companies Poised to Exploit Our Connected World

Wireless solutions and big data are increasingly being used by utilities and enterprises to integrate new products and manage energy solutions. And at the consumer level, we’re seeing a growing willingness among consumers to implement relatively painless programs aimed at lowering their electric bills.

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Is this uranium miner ready for prime time?

John Licata of Blue Phoenix chats with Curtis Moore, VP of Marketing of Energy Fuels, to discuss how recent strategic moves by Energy Fuels have made it a name to watch.

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These companies will help move connected cars out of Park

Rapid innovation is happening in the auto sector thanks to software playing a bigger role in the advancement of the connected car, vehicle to grid technology, consumer demand response and the evolution of a fully autonomous driving experience. While some folks believe it will take a company the size of Apple to move the RPM needle for true adoption of connected cars, there is some really cool innovation happening that suggests otherwise. In fact, in this short video, I discuss some companies that are helping move the connected car in the right direction. Photo Courtesy: Flickr/ng Connect Program  

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