The “Force” is strong in nuclear power despite renewables growth, Tesla’s battery announcement

Despite the advancements seen in solar and wind in recent years, including the recent news that Tesla is now pushing its highly touted home energy battery storage solution called the “Powerwall”, if the U.S. has any real intention of meeting its 2025 U.S. emissions targets, storing renewable power alone won’t satisfy nearly enough of our low-carbon, low-emission energy needs. As a result, I believe Tesla’s news reinforces nuclear’s pivotal role in the future of U.S. energy. 

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Denbury Poised to Clean Up on Push to Lower Carbon Emissions

If OPEC is calling for oil prices to remain below $100 for the next decade, investors should look for emerging opportunities within the oil sector to capture long-term value in an industry more focused on operational efficiency. Such an opportunity is Denbury Resources (DNR– Get Report) , which is a market leader in the extraction process known as carbon dioxide enhanced oil recovery or simply CO2 EOR.

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Why Tesla’s New Energy Battery Won’t Replace Your Local Utility

When Tesla (TSLA) unveiled its Powerwall energy-storage battery for homes last week, there were a lot of oohs and ahhs from the audience.

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Will operational efficiency help foster new energy innovation?

In this latest interview podcast with CNBC World, John Licata, Chief Energy Strategist of Blue Phoenix, discusses the potential surprising moves we could see from BP and Total (TOT), why Denbury Resources (DNR) and Energy Fuels (UUUU) are names to watch, as well as the importance of the energy internet. Key Podcast Points: The potential for BP to re-enter the solar market An opportunity for Total to boost its already strong relationship with SunPower Why you need to know about the energy internet and names such as EnerNOC and Tendril Thoughts ahead of next week’s Denbury Resources’ earnings call The importance of nuclear power to work with renewables to lower emissions

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Guest Blog (Renewables+1: Divesting from fossil fuels could boost focus on clean, reliable baseload power)

Divestment. This is a word seeing increased attention on several noteworthy university campuses across the U.S., as a growing number of students, faculty, and administrators push to divest university endowments from the fossil fuel industry. A more sustainable energy future is paramount for the health and prosperity of our future generations. However, without redeploying investments into innovative clean energy sources, divesting capital from the fossil fuels sector will be incomplete – and ultimately a failure.

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